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January 1, 2013
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M.A. - Mr. Rosmer - Demonology Teacher by Wolfah M.A. - Mr. Rosmer - Demonology Teacher by Wolfah
Name: Ulcren

Glamor Name: Ivan Rosmer

Age: 739 years (Glamor Age: 28 years)

Monster type/species: Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent)

Natural weapons:
:bulletred: Fangs, Venom, Blood, Flight, Thick scales, Gates of Hell.

Trained weapons:
:bulletred: Light magic, Demon summoning, Multilingual.

Class: Demonology Teacher

:bulletred: Ice and Cold: The cold or ice attacks are super effective against him. Ice will put his body into shock and render him immobile, though if he stays in the pure cold for too long, he could very well die.

:bulletred: Alcohol: He can not hold his liquor and becomes very drunk after a few sips. When he is drunk, he becomes quite brainless and doesn't know or remember what he does in the time he's intoxicated.

:bulletred: Poor eyesight: Being a snake, he has poor eyesight and has no way around it in his true form other then his heat sensory, thus why he wears glasses in his human form and often in his monster form.

Major Skills:
:bulletred: Demon Summoning: Ulcren has learned how to summon demons and is very careful about which ones he will summon and how he goes about it. He'll even freight a bit and go over the steps to summoning over and over till he actually preforms one.

:bulletred: The Gates of Hell: Ulcren has the ability to summon up the gates to hell and can grant passage to others who wish to explore of a set time.

:bulletred: Fangs, Venom, and Blood: Ulcrens fangs are his most powerful natural weapon. If his poison is injected, it will slowly act similar to normal snake venom and eat away at the tissue to cause internal bleeding and searing pain. This of course can be easily undone by him injecting his own blood into his venom. You see, he has a pouch of blood located behind the venom pouch, that he can mix in with the venom that will become an antidote to most poisons and will start to rebuild blood cells, tissue and bones.

:bulletred: Light and Fire magic: He has the ability to use light magic to push away or trap dark forces if necessary. He can either erupt a barrier of white light to surround an area or person, or he can shoot beams of light at a given target. Ulcren can also use fire magic which he normally uses to set candles on fire, though he can use fire as a minor attack.

Minor Skills:
:bulletred: Multilingual: He can speak in many different languages, if it be of human origin or monster he will either know it or will soon set out to learn it.

:bulletred: Thick Scales: Not so much a weapon or skill, but more of a defense. Ulcren has hard scales that keep him from being killed by any human weapon.

:bulletred: Flight: Though it may seem impossible, his feathered body, fluid movements and wings allow him to fly.

:bulletred: Heighten smell and sensitivity to heat and movements: Since his eyesight is so bad without his glasses, he has to use his other senses sometimes to move around and function normally.

Ulcren is very light hearted and forgiving, if someone were to try and pick a fight with him, they'd be poorly disappointed since he's a non-violent person. There is a very low chance of getting under his skin, but if you do he can be unrelenting in his method of teaching the person a quick lesson. Still he feigns to hold no grudges. He may be a snake with feathers, but he is not illiterate nor does he not know how to speak 'teenager' and understands most kinds of slang.

Literature and gaining knowledge is a pastime that he is very passionate about, almost as much as teaching what he knows. Though it can be one of his downfalls, since he just might end up not teaching demonology if someone has him going on a tangent about something irrelevant but still fascinating.

Character's Background:
Ulcren was born in a tribe of monsters that despised humans and was raised to hate mortal beings. From the time he was hatched, he wasn't allowed to think his own thoughts, learn what he wanted to learn, and the only food he was allowed was human flesh. During that time, he was taken to demon summoning rituals, his snake body used to help the summoner have the power to call upon the dark forces. He would listen to his fellow monsters, watch them conspire and make deadly deals with demons that would do their bidding and plague the human race. All he could do was sit back and let it happen, sense everything and barely understand what was going on. Then, one day a hurricane hit the hidden monster village he was kept in and his small rattlesnake body was spirited away, deep into the jungle.

When he first came to, he heard the sound of birds singing, the feeling of rain against his feathers, and a sense of calm he had never felt before. Sending a few years in the jungle, Ulcrens mind became untainted by the other monsters hatred and his diet change. He was free. Slinking around the jungle floors, his inquisitive mind became curious about everything around him. One day, while searching for a specific kind of mushroom that he'd grown rather fond of, he ended up passing a man that freaked out when Ulcren was seen. Ulcren didn't understand what was going on at first and tried to pass the human by peacefully, until he ended up getting jabbed at by a spear. Thankfully, his scales had grown thick and his body was about the size of boa constrictor so the attack didn't hurt him as he fled into a tall tree. From that moment on, Ulcren set out to learn more about the 'much more fascinating then mushrooms' humans and watched a nearby tribe of humans and how they lived and interacted with others.

Once he gathered up as much knowledge from those people, he started to look for more human tribes, which soon turned into towns and cities. With towns and cities, Ulcren found books and he was hooked. He started to sneak into libraries, both human and monster to sit and gather all the knowledge that these tomes offered. It wasn't hard for him to get in either, you could be surprising what a few well placed distractions could do or how easy it was moving through air vents and pumping. Though, during his ventures he came across a library owned by a very wise dwarf who found him reading. The dwarf ended up taking him under his wing and teaching him the proper ways to interact with people and even helped build him some proper glasses since Ulcren only had ones that he pilfered off a old man ages ago. Gaining knowledge in the years to follow, he ended up becoming a bit distraught with no place to put it all. That is until he was asked to come teach at the newly established Monster Academy. Which he eagerly accepted the job and went there as soon as possible.
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RawrSexyKitty Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[link] wolfah bby! <3<3<3<3
Wolfah Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
:icongreenrosedroolplz: Omg~ Hnnnng it's beautiful~ ; 7 ; Thank you Rawr for getting this for me~ //huggles you for 9ever
RawrSexyKitty Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yayyyy! i'm glad you like ittt
soaringmoose Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Theoria thonked as quietly as she could manage into the teacher's lounge. The Herbology teacher'd told her about it, so today she decided to leave her tower classroom and try to..."mingle" as they say. She felt as if her social skills needed some work after that very awkward first semester's class.

"Hmm, well at least the ceiling's high enough for me." She straightened up and looked around the room, hoping to spot someone she might know...although she'd only met 2 teachers so far.
Wolfah Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Ulcren was making himself a cup of coffee, the dark beans scenting the air and giving the teachers lounge a warm and cozy feel. Lightly touching the side of his coffee cup, he perked up when he heard Theoria come in and fixed his glasses, pushing them further up the bridge of his nose before he spotted her. A curious brow rose as he stared for a moment, she looked awful young, but that didn't necessarily mean she was a student. His expression softened with a friendly smile as he stood straight up. "Hello there. Are you a teacher here?" He asked wanting to make sure that she was indeed a teacher and not some curious student. Wait... She looked very familiar, but he couldn't quiet place it.
soaringmoose Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Her eyes found his and she nodded. Any other time she would have stood there and been content just shouting across the room at this person, but there was something in the air. A familiar face...a dance in her memory. The scent of coffee was new, though, and it muddled her train of thought with its curious smell. "I am. I believe you've asked me this before." Small feet carried her closer to where he made his warm brew. She looked at the mug first, then slowly tore her eyes away to meet his again.
Wolfah Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
Ulcren made a thoughtful face, his brows furrowed and lime green eyes looking down at his coffee cup. She seemed to remember him, but he had no clue where he had seen her before. This was very troubling to the teacher, he hated it when he forgot a face and her's looked so timelessly memorable too. Smiling at her, Ulcren placed his cup down on the counter and went to grab a clean cup that he kept hidden in the cupboard just in case. "I'm sorry, I can't place where I first saw you. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me? It's no trouble and I promise you this cup is indeed clean." Placing the cup down, he waited to see if this lovely young lady would take up his offer.
soaringmoose Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Theoria lowered her head, though she kept her eyes on him. "We met at the Valentine's Day affair. You don't remember giving me a dancing lesson? I did enjoy it quite a bit..." She looked sad like a girl who's friend forgot it was her birthday, but the expression changed to ignited delight when he offered to share his drink. "I don't think I've ever had coffee before now. I'd love a cup!" She paused for a moment. "What kind of coffee bean is it? Do you know where it's from?" Of course, she'd have to make it into a learning experience. It was what she was truly thirsty for.
Echoing-DelCrystal Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
the newly re feminized lark is taking this class
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