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March 16, 2013
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M.A. - Killian by Wolfah M.A. - Killian by Wolfah

Glamor Name:
Ryan Doig

43 (Glamor: 19)

Monster type/species:
Grim or Ghost Dog.
-Seen as a ghostly black dog that's often a sign of death.

Glamor item:
Cigarette Pack : He uses the cigarettes in it to give him some relief

Natural weapons:
Teeth, claws, howl, and electricity.

Trained weapons:


Current Classes:

Passed Classes:

Current Points:

Favorite class:
Mischief and Mayhem (He likes being weird and playing tricks on people.)

Worst class:
Human Studies (He has a shaky grasp on what is normal in society.)

- Skull : The only remaining part of his body is his skull and thus the weakest part. If it is struck hard enough, then his ghostly form will flee into his skull and stay trapped there till he regains conciseness. Then of course, if his skull is smashed then he will be killed.

- Light : He's weak to light attacks and can't be in his monster form in direct sunlight since his ghost form would rush back into the safety of his skull. If he is in normal light bulb light he's fine, but the only way he can be in natural light is when the curtains are pulled or if he was hidden under thick fabric. It's lesser with his human form, but he's still wary of natural light.

- Holy Grounds : He's unable to cross holy ground and holy water can burn him. Crosses however, do nothing.

- Bond : If someone were to form a magical bond with him, he'd be loyal to them and only them. It's a long procedure though and he might be reluctant to forming one.

- Repelled by : Certain herbs like sage repel him and he can't cross salt lines.

Major Skills:
- Howl : If someone were to hear his howl three times, it will cast a illusion on them making their surroundings seem to become darker till the third howl which will leave the room pitch black to them. (Only last 5 minutes and doesn't hurt them.)

- Lightning : Able to shoot small bolts of electricity from his hands or mouth.

- Smoke Form : He can become a wisp of smoke that can pass through small crevices.

Minor Skills:
- Heightened sense of smell and hearing.

- Strong bite and sharp claws.

- Swift and Silent Paws : He is able to walk silently and run rather quickly. (45 mph like a Husky.)

Weird, Quirky, Morbid, Curious.
He's not used to contact with people anymore, so he has a tenancy of being seen as weird or creepy by others. Killian has absolutely no people skills, doesn't understand boundaries and can be morbidly fascinated with death. Since he is not able to walk in normal daylight, he will often stay in the darkest area of the room and might sneak up on others even if he doesn't mean to.

((He has nights were he paints himself in glow in the dark neon paint and goes crazy.))

Character's Background:
Killian is a grim, meaning that he is a ghost dog thus he was at one time a living dog. As a dog, he was a German Shepard that obeyed and loved his human master. One day their happiness ended and his master was killed by thieves on the road. Trying to protect his master's dead body, he attacked and killed one of the thieves but in the end he was killed and the thieves butchered their two bodies up till there was nothing left except their skulls. Grief stricken because he wasn't able to keep his master safe, his negative energy built up till it bonded with his skull and took form of a grim.

Years later he haunted the lands around the placed they had been killed and would protect travelers as they passed. Though he protected them, he started to forget why and the overwhelming loneliness took over his soul and made him slowly lose his mind. He remained faithful to protect the travelers that passed through his land, but eventually they stopped coming and his trails grew over with weeds. Loosing his purpose further, he wandered to different lands and gained a name for himself amongst other monster, told of a young black dog spirit that protected the innocent though no one ever talked to him. He continued his journey till he eventually heard word of #MonsterAcademy and sought out to joining the school in hopes to begin to remember something.
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Wheelzzz Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Does the ghost puppy wanna hug? ;A;
soaringmoose Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hurry up and bring this crazy arse back. =P
Cid-Alderlaine Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
I'm interested in these Monster Students, they remind me of Rosario + Vampire (The Manga, not the Anime...)
I have a suggestion for a Monster if you want to lend me your eyes for abit and read the following, it circumvents the Danish Monster known as the "Valravn", a treacherous fiend that lives solely to deceive others and bring misfortune upon the goodhearted, it can take on a myriad of forms and possesses multifarious curses and glamours, their only dissabilities is that they can't use a majority of their powers during the day, they can't even fly in daylight.
Ironic that such a beast originates from Danish Mythos were every other common fiend takes on the form of something much more gentler and gleeful, the Raven becomes the lone True Monster in that country.
Wolfah Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
I never got very far in either the anime or the manga of Rosario+Vampire, but Monster Academy is a really great roleplay group and pretty similar to it too. If you want to check it out, here's the link. :iconmonsteracademy:<<right here
But that monster sounds really cool! I'm not sure what their rules are for powers in the group, but you could talk to an admin about it. Though, I'm pretty sure it might take your character a little while to actually get to the point of being a very powerful Valravn like how you described.
My character Killian, however, is a grim or a ghostly figure of a black dog that's often associated with death. Kind of like the Sherlock Holmes tale, where there's a spectral hound in it, or Harry Potter is another good example.
Cid-Alderlaine Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
Honestly, after I saw your character I was intrigued as to what a Grim was so I looked it up, I now find them to be pretty dark creatures too, a sign or a bad omen and a bringer of demise, It's quite the fiend your character secretly is, huh? :D

And while I'm honored and interested for the RP you speak of, I am sad to inform you that I am already deeply engrossed in another RP related to a Game known as "Persona", and because of my generally low focus I can't RP on two sites at once, so all in all: While I'd fancy the idea of RP'ing a Valravn Character I simply can't, Thanks for the suggestion though~
Wolfah Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
Yeah, I guess if he had those kind of powers then he'd be a potentially scary guy. That's cool though, Persona's a lot of fun. u v u
incapable-artistry Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh he is so cool and interesting.
I really enjoyed reading about him and I just... lweubbqjwgagdjsheuksa.
*cries tears of appreciation for your art skills and ability to create a good character.*
Wolfah Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
:iconuhuhuhuplz: Omg. That's probably one of the best comments I've ever read. Thank you so much. :heart: *hugs you forever because I can't even* Have you joined MA then? //hasn't been on in ages so I have to go through the files still.
incapable-artistry Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icondeyedplz: Ah you're welcome. *hugs you back forever*
Yeah I joined MA not too long ago. This starting semester will be my first.
But oh my gosh I would love to RP some times.
Wolfah Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
:la: Welcome to MA~ I'm always open for rps~ Notes, comments, skype, and hopefully chat soon. e v e
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